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Voice N’ Go Racer – Blue by MukikiM – Voice controlled race car with 2.4GHz control, lights, steering, 3 speeds and USB chargingナ NO batteries required!

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Voice N’ Go Racer is a brand new line from MukikiM featuring Voice Activated Race Cars! Wear your “smart watch” on your wrist on speak into it to tell the car what to do.Voice commands include:Go ForwardGo BackCar BrakeDemoTurboLights OnLights OffManually steer the car from your watch to make it go left or right. Features 2.4GHz radio control, 3.7V rechargeable battery, USB charging (cord included), 3 speeds. Use the trim settings on the bottom of the car to fine tune the steering to your liking. Range: up to 65ft awayMultiple cars can play at the same time – perfect for buddy play! Available in Red, Blue, or Yellow! Watch charge time: 15-20 minutes, Play time: 70-80 minutesCar charge time: 50-60 minutes, Play time: 25-35 minutesBox includes:1-Car1-Watch1-USB charging cord1-User ManualRecommended for everyone ages 6+

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