Wish and Faith – Eyeshadow and Blush Set


All natural mineral eyeshadow for girls. NO parabens. NO dyes. NO petrochemcials. Why ruin delicate skin with cheap makeup? Made in USA. Perfect for tweens.

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Don’t ruin young, delicate skin with cheap makeup filled with chemicals.

Klee Naturals’ mineral makeup offers a natural, non-toxic alternative to mass market makeup that is typically filled with artificial dyes, fragrances, heavy mineral oils and other petrochemical ingredients. Klee makeup is made of the highest quality minerals, natural preservatives, and other good-for-you ingredients.

The Wish and Faith Makeup Set includes the soft powder blue Key West Splash mineral eyeshadow and Newport Whisper mineral blush. Eyeshadow applicator and blush brush included.

NO talc – NO parabens – NO synthetic dyes – NO synthetic fragrances

Gentle and Non-Toxic.

Gluten Free

Made in USA

Manufacturer SKUKGT0304



Additonal Safety Information

Not for children under 3.


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