PKM: Towering Splash-GX Box


  • Give your collection a boost: includes 4 booster packs containing 10 cards each to advance your collection to a new level.
  • Unleash ALL NEW POWER: An exclusive foil promo card featuring Magikarp & wailord-gx included with every GX box to strengthen your deck.
  • Become THE GREATEST TRAINER: Will you find Pikachu & zekrom-gx, Eevee & snorlax-gx, or Gengar & mimikyu-gx?
  • Gotta catch them all: the Pokemon sun & Moon team up expansion brings over 180 brand new cards to collect. Will you find them all?
  • Show of your Pokemon pride: with a special foil promo oversized card included.

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Magical & wailord working together as a team!big Pokemon and little Pokemon both bring their own style – and working together, they can take on Just about anything! Magical and wailord pair up as a tag team in this amazing collection, putting their skills together to challenge opposing Pokemon and discovering the power of two. Witness this astonishing display of teamwork up close – and add the tag team of magical & wailord-gx to your collection Pokemon TCG: towering splash GX box includes: 1 foil promo tag team card featuring magical & wailord-gx1 foil oversize tag team card featuring magical & wailord-gx4 Pokemon TCG booster packs1 code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online


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