Park Street Townhouse


Build and experience the charming 3-in-1 Park Street Townhouse.

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Climb the steps to the blue front door of this charming three-level townhouse. Inside you’ll discover a wealth of features, including a cozy lounge with flat-screen TV and sofa, plus a room with a fireplace and a detailed kitchen. Take the stairway to the second level and you’ll find a comfy bedroom with a door leading to a balcony where you can tend to the flowers or enjoy a drink beneath the parasol, with a view of the park below. And when you feel like a change, why not take the cute dog for a walk or go for a ride on your cool scooter! This awesome set rebuilds to create a City CafE or a Suburban Home with greenhouse.

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Weight 2.37 lbs
Dimensions 18.9 × 11.1 × 2.4 in




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