Harry Potter 4D Puzzle – 500 Piece: Hogwarts


This beautiful, multi-dimensional puzzle will put you directly into the world of Harry Potter! For ages 8 yrs-teen, from 4D Cityscape.

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4D Cityscape


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The missing pieces to every Potter fan’s list. These beautiful puzzles will guide you through the assembly of Hogwarts™ and surrounding areas in a multi-layer puzzle design. The first layer is a jigsaw puzzle that will teach you all about the various locations and regions of Hogwarts™. The second layer you insert 3D miniature replicas models into the puzzle, which include famous buildings and structures. What’s the 4th dimension? Time! The puzzle also includes an Official Guide to Hogwarts™. Hours of fantastical fun!

For ages 8 yrs-teen, from 4D Cityscape.

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4D Cityscape

4D Cityscape


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