Extendable Giant Bubble Stix


  • Create a bubble big enough to stand in
  • Transform exploration into scientific play
  • Never let anyone burst your giant bubbles!
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The Giant Bubble Stix contains a pair of half length wands with connectors, so you can join the wand pieces together to create the giant 1.20m wands. The web version is ideally sized for shipping. Contains the same chunky cotton cord as the standard version. Capable of creating massive record breaking bubbles. Made of lightweight plastic easy to handle by kids and adults alike.

The Giant Bubble Stix is a bubble blower capable of creating massive record-breaking bubbles. Can you reach the Guinness World Record of 96m3? The sticks are 1.2m long, and are made of lightweight fibreglass so they are easy handled by kids and adults alike.

Instructions are included that tell you how to make your own awesome bubble solution, some tips to making gigantic bubbles, and some tricks you can impress your friends with. This is fun activity that mum, dad, and kids will enjoy doing – perfect for outdoor play time and showing off at parties!

For the best results, use the Pop Bubble Solution (not included).
Recommended for ages 6


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