Blowfish Blowup


  • GET READY FOR A SURPRISE: The Blowfish Blowup preschool game for kids ages 4 and up combines fun and easy play with a big surprise
  • EXCITING GAME FOR KIDS: The excitement grows as kids fish out the included plastic treasures, and try not to upset the blowfish, making it inflate
  • FISH OUT THE TREASURES: Players who take a treasure without making the blowfish inflate get to keep it. If the blowfish inflates, that player is out, and everyone has to put their treasures back in the bowl
  • ADVANCED PLAY MODE: The player who inflates the fish is out of the game. The remaining players count the points of their treasures and whoever has the most points wins
  • Please check out Video below to learn how to play!
Manufacturer ID: 6305909742202

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